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Lankeleisi MG600 Plus

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Lankeleisi MG600 Plus

Published on: 22-08-2023 / Modified: 16-01-2024

The world of electric fat bikes is populated by so many different brands and models that it's hard to find your way around. Without claiming to explain the strengths and weaknesses of all existing models, I'm going to focus on a few models and get a unique advantage for my visitors. Today, I'm going to take a look at the Lankeleisi mg600 plus fat bike, which has a few trump cards not necessarily visible at first glance


Special offer

The Lankeleisi mg600 Plus is not available on many sites, I only found it on Buybestgear and got an extra discount for my visitors. If you're already sure you want to buy this model, take advantage while the offer lasts. Buybestgear is the only site authorized to sell this bike model. If you find it elsewhere, remember to check the warranty offered to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Normal price: 1999€ (with a base discount of 200€)
Additional discount with code BBGWILLEN: +/- 1959€
Total discount: 240€

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fat bike lankeleisi mg600 plus test avis review opinion bewertung analysis 4

The Lankeleisi mg600 Plus is a fat bike with a few special features. It obviously has big wheels like all bikes of this type, but Lankeleisi has integrated the battery into the front of the frame without distorting the bike's format too much. The bike looks more like a bike than a small motorcycle from which elements have been removed. The choice of colors gives it a unique aesthetic, and the colored rims set it apart from other models. This aesthetic choice won't make you ride faster or easier, but fat bikes are often very ugly, which is not the case with this one. It's obviously very subjective, but buyers seem to come up with this point quite often.

The engine is a 1000W Bafang motor, a new version since June 2023. This is a 1000W motor offering assistance up to 25km/h and a torque of 70 Nm. Speed is limited to 25km/h for all bicycles of this type in Europe. There are faster bicycles, but they are no longer considered bicycles. There are plenty of 1000W bikes on the market, so it's not a revolution, but the 70 Nm could make all the difference, because with that kind of torque, you'll get very good acceleration, and the bike can tackle steeper climbs (up to 35°!). The handlebars are fitted with an acceleration ring, just like on a motorcycle, so you can enjoy great acceleration without the slightest effort.

The motor offers 5 levels of assistance, allowing you to adapt the bike's behavior to your preferences, as well as to the type of road. This bike can go forward without using the pedals, with full assistance up to 25km/h. To go faster, you obviously need to use the pedals. On the flat, you could very well stay in the first assistance levels to save battery power, and only use level 5 assistance if necessary.

Theoretical range is around 60km if you use assistance all the time, and this could theoretically rise to 120km if you alternate pedaling and assistance. The reality will depend on your weight, the road, the temperature and other factors, which will undoubtedly bring the range down to around 40 to 50km if you use assistance all the time. Autonomy is therefore very good, and the Samsung 20 Ah battery is very efficient. The battery can be charged directly on the bike, or removed completely. It takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charge.

fat bike lankeleisi mg600 plus test avis review opinion bewertung analysis 3

The bike is fully equipped with front and rear mudguards, a kickstand, powerful front and rear lighting and a luggage rack. It lacks retro-reflectors, so check whether these are compulsory in your country. The saddle is large and supported by heavy springs for maximum shock absorption. The combination of the big tires, front suspension and saddle means you can ride long distances with maximum comfort. The frame is a combination frame, so you can easily get on the bike in any condition. The bike can support 180 kg, so you can normally take someone on the back, and the power is sufficient to maintain a good level of comfort.

The derailleur is a Shimano M315-7 with 7 gears, but you might wonder what the point of this kind of derailleur is on such a powerful bike, as the vast majority of users will probably be content with the assistance provided by the motor without playing with the gears. For those who want to get the most out of their bike, the gears will enable them to reach even higher speeds. It is also possible to unlock the bike, as explained on the Buybestgear website.

The handlebars are equipped with the usual functions for starting the bike, changing the assistance level and shifting gears. A special feature is the acceleration ring, allowing you to move around effortlessly. The handlebars can be tilted slightly, but you won't be able to radically change your riding position. The handlebar-mounted color display will give you all the information you need for your ride, such as speed, battery level, speed/assistance and total mileage. Although the screen is of good quality, it's not always perfectly legible in bright sunlight. It is not possible to use it as a navigation screen for GPS routing.

Questions & answers

How much does the Lankeleisi mg600 Plus weigh?
This bike is quite heavy, weighing almost 37kg, so it's not a bike to take with you to use in combination with public transport. It can't be folded either, measuring 190cm in length, which will limit the possibility of placing it in the boot of your car.

How powerful is the motor?
1000W / 48V with a torque of 70Nm

What's the maximum speed?
In theory, you can use assistance up to 25km/h in most European countries, but it is possible to de-rider the bike to obtain assistance up to 40km/h.

How long is the warranty?
1 year with the possibility of changing your mind within 14 days, but you'll have to pay the return shipping costs.

Will I have to pay taxes on top of the purchase price?
Buybestgear has stock in Europe, so you won't have to pay import tax if you live in Europe.

Where can I find the manual?
It's available here: Lankeleisi mg600 Plus manual

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Lankeleisi mg600 Plus

- engine power and torque
- ability to carry 180kg
- full equipment
- riding comfort (saddle, suspension, tires)
- autonomy
- level of assistance
- acceleration ring
- possibility of unbridling without technical skill
- unique colors
- at ease on all types of terrain

Weaknesses Lankeleisi mg600 Plus

- heavy weight
- no retro-reflectors
- battery charging time
- limited handlebar adjustment options
- display readability in bright sunlight

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